Signs You May Need Some Heating Repairs

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If you want your HVAC system to run efficiently all year round, it is essential that you keep up with regular maintenance. This will help make sure that your indoor air quality is good and that you have heat whenever you need it. Ideally, you should have your HVAC unit services a couple of times a year, but if it has been a while since your last tune-up, here are a few signs that you may need a heating company in Knoxville to take a look at your HVAC unit.

Sudden Increase in Energy Costs

We are all experiencing increased energy costs at the moment, but if you notice a larger spike in your energy costs because of unusually high usage, it could be a sign of a problem with your HVAC system. When certain problems arise, the unit must work harder and use more energy to heat or cool your home. If you see significant, unexpected changes in your energy bills, it is worth having a heating company in Knoxville come and check out your HVAC unit for potential problems.

Poor Air Quality

Another sign that you have a problem with your HVAC system is when the indoor air quality takes a nosedive! Is your home feeling unusually stuffy or humid? Air quality changes strongly indicate something is not quite right in your HVAC unit. A maintenance visit from a heating company in Knoxville will soon have the air flowing more efficiently to improve your indoor air quality.

Decreased Air Flow

In addition to noticing a drop in your indoor air quality, you may also see a decreased airflow from your HVAC unit. This is something that can be a common problem in older units. Check if one of your air vents or mini split units is blowing less air than the others. If the answer is yes, then it is time to call a heating company in Knoxville for a maintenance visit.

Incorrect Air Temperature

Perhaps one of the most apparent signals that there is an issue somewhere in your HVAC unit is if you notice that the unit is blowing air at the wrong temperature. For example, if your thermostat is set to 70F, but the air coming out is only 55F, something needs to be fixed, and you will need a service call from a heating company in Knoxville to rectify it.

Strange Odors

If you notice a strange smell coming from your HVAC equipment, this is another indication that it needs a service call. Common smells include burning smells, decay, and rotten chemical odors. A variety of things, including a build-up of debris, burnt-out components, or dead birds or rodents in the vents, can cause these.

Short Cycles

Another indication of an underlying problem in your HVAC system is if it is running short cycles. This usually indicates that it is running inefficiently, which will increase your energy costs. There are a number of different things that can cause short cycles. Some are minor issues, but others can be reasonably serious, so it is crucial to have it checked out by a qualified HVAC technician to find out what is going on.

Strange Noises

Has your HVAC unit started to make a loud humming or rattling sound? This could indicate a severe problem with the system, such as a missing or broken component. It could also be a sign of debris jamming the unit. Any new or unusual noises you begin to hear coming from your HVAC signal that you need a service call from a heating company in Knoxville sooner rather than later!

Yellow Furnace Flame

In case you are unaware - your furnace flame should be blue. If you notice it burning any other color, it is essential to call a heating company in Knoxville as soon as possible to check things out. Yellow, in particular, can indicate a potentially dangerous problem as this suggests that carbon monoxide is present. This odorless gas is very harmful and can cause severe illnesses and even death.

If you have noticed any of these issues, or if it has just been a little too long since your last HVAC service, it is wise to go ahead and call a heating company in Knoxville.


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