As a leading Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Knoxville, Gent Heating & Cooling is the smart choice when you need heating installed in the Knoxville and Knox County area. If you are ready to install a new heating system or replace your current system we are here to guide you through the process. We don't believe in a one size fits all solution for our clients, we will work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Heating Repairs & Maintenance

Gent Heating & Cooling

Nobody wants to be left out in the cold! If your heating system is out of action we have qualified and insured technicians waiting to get you back up and running. We offer a rapid response to all service calls and will assess the problem to find the best solution. We believe in service calls, not sales pitches. There is no need to replace your heating system if you are able to have it repaired. We value integrity, and our technicians will always be honest about what needs to be repaired and we will never recommend an unnecessary replacement when a repair is enough.

We also offer preventative maintenance plans to help keep your heating system in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Call on GENT.. we know what to do!

Furnace Repair & Installation

Gent Heating & Cooling

Furnaces are often used as part of a heating and cooling system. They convert a fuel source into heat and then use a blower to circulate warm air throughout the property. In Summer, a furnace can also work alongside a heat pump or air conditioner to draw in warm air and circulate cooled air.

At Gent Heating & Cooling we are experienced in the repair and maintenance of various models of furnace and their components.

Should I Repair my Furnace or Replace it?

Gent Heating & Cooling

If your furnace is over 15 years old, has an AFUE* of under 80%, and needs frequent repair work then it may be the right time to replace your furnace. Otherwise you may be able to repair it instead. Every furnace will age differently based on a number of different factors, but having regular maintenance carried out should help to keep it running for as long as possible in the best condition.

A good maintenance routine should include:

  • Replacement of air filters Every 3 Months
  • Cleaning the Flame Sensor and Burners regularly
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for cracks or leaks
  • Testing Carbon Monoxide levels and replacing batteries as required
  • Checking fans rotate freely and lubricate as necessary
  • Cleaning the Humidifier (if one is installed)
  • Inspecting the wiring and controls for loose connections
  • Checking that the thermostat is functional
  • Cleaning air registers and ductwork

*AFUE is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficency - this signifies how efficiently the furnace is converting fuel to energy. Higher ratings mean a more efficient furnace.