Maximized Your Comfort With Optimal AC Settings

Maximized Your Comfort With Optimal AC Settings

As the summertime sun claims victims stuck out in the elements, anyone with AC heads to their refuge… somewhere circulating air conditioning. People flock to their thermostats and tap down the temp to catch some relief from the hazy, hot, and humid days. That’s the most simplified way to handle AC… just fiddle with the temperature so you can feel the frozen air cool the skin. But there’s so much more to it.

Beyond the basic settings, you can take action to maximize your comfort and take your AC a step further. HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling can work with you on setting up your home or business to most effectively cool your surroundings.

Ideal Thermostat Settings That Spare Your Wallet

It’s impossible to tell you to set your thermostat at one particular temp and just let it go. You must weigh out considerations to determine what works best for you. For example, if you’re watching your wallet and envision dollar bills sucking out the window, you may want to keep your settings a little warmer. But if you’re insistent on seeing your breath in the summer at the sacrifice of cost savings, you probably want to plummet your temp. Not sure where to start? HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling has some general recommendations to begin

  • Start at 78 degrees. Take a day or two to mull it over and gauge if you’re sweltering in your surroundings or are quite comfortable.
  • Bump the controls up or down a degree. Step it up or down a degree depending on how you feel with your initial settings. There’s no need to go wild and set it several degrees warmer or cooler in one swoop if you’re not happy with how you started.
  • Consider a temperature swing. Why climate control your place if no one is going to be there? If you’re away at work all day, for example, consider pushing up your temperature seven degrees in your absence.
  • Think about bumping the temp up overnight. If you can tolerate slightly warmer conditions in your slumber, you can save money and not sacrifice your comfort. You could try pushing up your settings four degrees and not notice a difference while you’re snoozing away for the night.
  • Circulate the ceiling fan. In rooms with ceiling fans, allowing them to circulate the air keeps a continual breeze going around so you can feel a constant cooling effect.

Keep in mind that each degree changed on your thermostat equates to 3% of energy costs with your cooling system. HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling suggests you consider all of the above factors when it comes to comfort vs. savings.

Smart Thermostats

Do you want to step up your settings a notch? Have more control over your central air system? Are you ready to incorporate technology into the core of your home? HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling thinks introducing a smart thermostat into your place will enhance your environment.

With the temperature swing mentioned above, incorporating a smart thermostat takes away some of the burden on fiddling with the daytime and overnight temps. With a smart thermostat, you have control to set a schedule among other useful options. A smart thermostat can do many things talk to an HVAC Knoxville Company like Gent Heating & Cooling to see what models offer any particular feature –

  • Allow you to remotely control your temperatures. If you’re on your way back after working a 12-hour shift and you’re dying to return to a cool, refreshing home, you can use your phone to turn down your temp a few notches to prepare for your arrival.
  • Learn your preferred habits and adjust accordingly. The word ‘smart’ with the thermostat comes for a reason. Certain models learn and automatically adjust as they understand your preferences.
  • Come with diagnostic features. You’ll know ahead of time if there’s trouble on the horizon with your system. Maintenance reminders pop up as well as warnings about ductwork troubles, etc..
  • Provide you with energy consumption information. This way you’ll know if you’re sucking up way too much energy for your liking by keeping your settings a little too low.

HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, wants you to keep cool and comfy this summer season. And we want you to do it at the greatest efficiency possible in order to lighten the burden on your finances. Using careful consideration and research, you can find the optimal settings for your air conditioning with the highest cost-saving modifications you can make.


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