Maintaining AC Systems for Maximum Lifespan

Maintaining AC Systems for Maximum Lifespan

Our air conditioning systems take a beating over the long and seemingly ever-hotter summers. On an oppressive and muggy day, throw on some walking shoes and stroll down your neighborhood street. Take a listen as you pass by all of your neighbor's homes. You'll probably notice house after house with AC units humming and buzzing as they work to circulate cool air throughout all of the houses.

HVAC Knoxville companies run to countless homes during this time of year to maintain or repair customers' AC systems. This all works well until one finally reaches the end of its life. Then the panic of an unexpected and exorbitant cost sets in. Knowing your AC system's lifespan and what you can do to maximize its life can help prepare you for what's to come.

Average Expected Lifespan

Have you considered the age of the air conditioning system you currently own? It's easy to just "set it and forget it" when it relates to the home or business cooling. But unfortunately, that unit has a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. A typical life expectancy for an air conditioning unit is about 15-20 years, depending on various factors.

The good news is that with a bit of forethought and communication with an HVAC Knoxville business, you can elongate the life of your setup. You'll enjoy a properly-working system with proper maintenance and proactive measures for a few decades.

Factors Impacting Expected Lifespan

While some factors come into play with your system's lifespan, knowing them may help arm you with steps you can take to extend the unit's life. You may not be able to control some things, such as the environment (if you live in a highly-humid location, for example). But, there are others you can expect to impact your HVAC that are worth considering –

  • Size of the unit. Did you consult with an HVAC Knoxville company upon the initial installation of the unit? The size should have been a significant consideration. If the unit is too small, it'll constantly run, straining the system as it labors to cool too large of a space. On the contrary, buying too big a unit isn't a great idea. Installing an unnecessarily large system will be overkill and run on short cycles, burdening the setup with repetitive kicking on and off.
  • Maintenance record. You must regularly maintain the system to get the most out of your cooling system. It won't work without a hitch if you ignore upkeep. Filters could end up clogged and ultimately affect the condensers.
  • Thermostat setup. Frequently futzing with the temperature settings strains the system. Also, thermostat placement is essential. You should consult an HVAC Knoxville company to determine the best placement for the thermostat. If you logically think about it, placing one at the edge of a house near a window vs. putting one down in a basement will dramatically affect how efficiently and ideally your air conditioning operates.
  • Installation. How you handle installing the existing system makes an impact. It's best to work with a licensed HVAC Knoxville company vs. trying a DIY approach. A certified HVAC Knoxville company will check for proper room insulation (which affects the AC's burden) and competently install necessary wiring.

Extending Your AC's Lifespan

Staying on top of the cooling system in your home or business can help lengthen the life of your air conditioning. Some things to consider when working to extend your AC's lifespan include –

  • Filters. Change them regularly.
  • Thermostat. Keep the temperature reasonable, and don't fiddle around with it. Smart thermostats add scheduling, so you don't have to mess with anything.
  • Refrigerant leaks. When you perform regular maintenance, ask your HVAC Knoxville company to check the refrigerant level. One warning sign would be fluctuating temperatures in your home or business.
  • Keep a 24" clearance around the unit outside. Debris or landscaping will impede your outdoor unit if too close.
  • Schedule preventative maintenance annually. HVAC Knoxville professionals know the AC setups the best and are equipped to address any issues when performing routine maintenance.

The last thing any home or business owner wants is to shell out several thousand dollars on a new air conditioning installation. If properly monitored and maintained, you'll be able to rely on your full system setup for up to two decades. Keeping a lookout now and addressing anything that crops up immediately will add longevity to your AC's lifespan for years to come.


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