How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Needs?

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HVAC refers to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The HVAC system is designed to control and regulate the internal environment in which it functions. It does this by controlling the temperature and humidity of a room through heating or cooling, depending on the requirement. An efficient HVAC also purifies the air inside the room in which it is installed. Being a Knoxville resident, you know that our hot season lasts for nearly 4 months, so finding great HVAC in Knoxville is essential to survive the Summer!

Finding the right HVAC system to suit your needs is just like buying a new home or car. The choice is not an easy one and it requires a lot of research. You will need to consider exactly what you want from your system and most importantly, prioritize your needs. It is all about focusing on your requirements. This is a major investment in your home and a bad decision could leave you stuck with an HVAC system that does not provide adequate heating and cooling for your property.

Here are some effective tips to help you choose the best HVAC in Knoxville.

Size & Structure of Your Home

When purchasing an HVAC system, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The size and shape of your home will be different from others. Hence, it is important to choose an HVAC system that would best fit into your property and also provide sufficient heating and cooling.

Keeping the Overall Cost in Mind

When purchasing a new HVAC system, it is essential to consider the overall cost. There is the initial purchase cost, installation cost, and long-term repair and maintenance costs as well. Choosing a high-energy efficiency HVAC system will cost more upfront but lower your monthly energy bills in the long run. You should also consider the cost of extended warranty which could help to mitigate future repair expenses.

Considering the HVAC Ratings

When you are planning to buy a new HVAC system, it is vital to consider the following ratings:

  • Energy Star: The Energy Star rating on an HVAC system means that it is designed to save power and reduce your monthly electricity bills.
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER): Higher the value, less energy is consumed, and more efficient is the air conditioner and heat pump.
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF): Higher the HSPF value, more efficient and cost-effective the HVAC system.

Hiring a Reliable and Professional HVAC Company

  • Hiring a reliable, experienced, and expert company for HVAC in Knoxville can make all the difference when it comes to HVAC installation.
  • Installation of the HVAC equipment correctly would ensure efficient heating and cooling throughout the year in your residential or commercial premises.
  • Gent Heating and Cooling is one such reputed company for HVAC in Knoxville company that you can hire. We like to say we are about finding the best solution for you not the biggest sale for us!

Choosing the Right Brand

There are several brands of HVAC systems available on the market. The choice can be overwhelming. It is important to select the brand that will offer the best value for money and offer a high return on your investment. At Gent Heating and Cooling, we work with some of the best known brands and we will only ever recommend products we genuinely feel we can stand behind!

Don’t let purchasing a new HVAC in Knoxville or replacing an old one get you down. Following these tips will enable you to make the right decision and understand the options much better.


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