What Does Cleaning Ductwork Involve?

What Does Cleaning Ductwork Involve?

Your HVAC system might be silently sitting right now as it enjoys the break from the colder winter months before summertime beats down on your home or business. Open those windows and let your house breathe before you have to lock it down to allow for the AC to start pumping. With sweltering temperatures approaching, you might be thinking about servicing your HVAC system, including cleaning out those ducts. HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating and Cooling has the knowledge and expertise you need for clearing out your ducts before the summer.

Ductwork is necessary in buildings that circulate heat and AC. They serve as highways for free-flowing air to deliver to all of the rooms in your place. Though you can’t see all of the pieces of piping, keeping them clean and clear. HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating and Cooling knows it will allow the air to flow freely. But what’s involved in ensuring the ducts stay clean?

The Duct Cleaning Tools

You can find many options and tools for duct cleaning. If you attempt your own maintenance, there are some basics you can start with -

  • Screwdriver - For obvious reasons… if you look around your home in general, you’ll see everything screwed down, including the return vents that deliver your heat and AC
  • Vacuum and hose with dryer vent brush – to reach into the ducts and suck out the buildup.
  • Dust brush – This one’s handy to even have around your house as you clean up and wipe off your vents.
  • Masks and goggles – When getting down and dirty, masks and goggles serve as helpful companions to prevent you from coughing and sneezing.

If you want to up your game on cleaning, you can reach out to HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating and Cooling. We’ll come with a powerful duct cleaning tool, the Rotobrush BrushBeast. Take a look at before and after pictures of what this machine can do. Within the equipment, you’ll find -

  • Air filter bags – The bags will trap all the dirty buildup that was lurking in your ducts. From pollen, pet dander, and dust, to mold and other irritants.
  • Hose – On top of the initial 35 feet of hose length, there is an additional 17 feet available. This totals 52 feet of hose length that will extend into the deepest crevasses of your ductwork.
  • Carrier – Since more than just the machine, a hose, and bag are needed to complete the job, a carrier tray magnetizes to the BrushBeast and boasts an assortment of attachments including a drill, brushes, and accessories, etc.
  • Durable body – Which will hold all the other sturdy components together.

The Duct Cleaning Process

A homeowner can tackle the duct cleaning task themselves. But since this can be a time-consuming, complicated and messy process, hiring a trusted professional might save you some hassle.

Decided not to attempt this yourself? HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating and Cooling will crawl up into your attic or wherever your ductwork resides and start working their magic. Equipment and machinery in hand, the ducts will be cleared out to achieve a squeaky-clean surface.

Cleaning basically involves going into all those ‘air highways’ to clear out built-up grime and dirt. Before beginning, the building or home will be inspected and sealed off where appropriate to keep dust from unnecessarily flying around. All parts of the home or business are cleaned. This includes not just inside the ducts but the registers and grills as necessary. Then HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating and Cooling will bring in the machine to suck up allergens including dust, pollen, mold, carpet fibers, etc. Once complete, another inspection takes place to look for any remaining debris and dirt.

After HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating and Cooling clears everything out, you may find that you won’t have to wipe off your surfaces as much. The buildup that had stowed away in your ducts will be free and clear. There will be less dust lazily floating around so you can give your cleaning cloths a little break.

Now that you know the general process and some tools necessary to clean your ducts, it’s time to think about actually doing it! Once your ducts end up clean and clear, you’ll be ready for the summer and prepared to blast all that air on a sticky summer night so you can watch a movie snuggled with your favorite companion under a warm blanket.


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