Tips To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Tips To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

There are growing concerns that indoor air quality has become increasingly worse indoors so that it surpasses the pollution levels in the air outdoors. Since we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, this is undoubtedly a cause for concern. However, the good news is you can take steps to improve indoor air quality with the help of a professional heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville.

Let's take a look at how to improve the indoor air quality in your home with the help of an HVAC system installed by a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville.

Why is Improving Indoor Air Quality Important?

According to the EPA, indoor air quality can be between 2 and 5 times worse than outdoors. Over time, this could potentially lead to a variety of health concerns. The World Health Organization states that almost 3.8 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to poor indoor air quality. Research shows that as much as 50% of all diseases are caused by low indoor air quality with long-term effects, including cancer, heart disease, and respiratory failure. In the short-term, prolonged exposure to low indoor air quality can result in headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nose and throat irritation. When several people in a home or workplace are experiencing these symptoms, it is often referred to as 'Sick Building Syndrome' because it is quite literally inside the building that makes them sick!

If we step back from the health aspects, poor indoor air quality also clogs the filters of your HVAC system more quickly, resulting in the system having to work harder. This uses more energy and increases the level of wear and tear on your equipment.

How Does Your HVAC Help Your Indoor Air Quality?

When thinking about HVAC, most people think about the cooling aspect. However, it also plays a big part in ventilation for your home. Your HVAC system will draw in air from outside, treat it using the air filters and ionizers to improve the air quality, and then circulate it indoors. That is why it is important to keep on top of maintaining your HVAC system and changing the air filters so that pollutants are kept out of the air you breathe. The first step is booking regular service calls with a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville to inspect and maintain your HVAC system, allowing it to provide the best possible indoor air quality for you and your family.

1 - Open Windows

Let's start simple! When you are carrying out high-pollution activities in the home such as cooking, cleaning products, painting, or some hobbies, it is important to open windows to allow these odors and fumes to dissipate quickly.

2 - Vent Rooms Directly Outdoors

It is best to vent bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, and laundry rooms directly to the outside wherever possible. Ask your heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville to use quiet, energy-efficient fans. It would be best to vent clothes dryers and central vacuum cleaners directly outdoors.

3 - Store Toxic or Volatile Items Away From Home

If you have toxic or potentially volatile substances around your home like paint, solvents, and pesticides, it is better to store these away from your occupiable spaces. Ideally, a separate storage shed outside the house would be a good location, but your basement is also acceptable if it is not used as a living space.

4 - Minimize Unvented Combustion Sources

While scented candles can make the room smell pleasant, they are actually not incredibly good for indoor air quality! You should minimize all unvented combustion sources wherever possible. This includes candles, cigarettes, indoor grills, decorative combustion appliances, and vent-free heaters.

5 - Choose a Good Air Filter

A good particle filter in your HVAC system will go a long way towards keeping dirt and debris out of your air ducts. Ask your heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville to recommend a good air filter to use in your system. They can also advise how often it needs to be changed to ensure your home's best indoor air quality.

If you don't keep on top of your HVAC maintenance, it could end up affecting your indoor air quality. Talk to a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville to arrange an inspection and service for your HVAC system.


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