The Benefits of Choosing a Zoned HVAC System

The Benefits of Choosing a Zoned HVAC System

Do you have frequent arguments about the optimal temperature at home? Maybe you like your bedroom to be cool at night when you are going to sleep, but your kids are complaining that they want their bedrooms to be warmer. Do you find that you are using energy to heat the rooms that you don’t even use very often? A zoned HVAC system could be the answer to all of your problems. If you are wondering you should ask a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville to install zoning for your HVAC system, these benefits are sure to convince you!

1 - Separate Thermostats

When you choose a zoned HVAC system, each zone will be controlled by its own thermostat allowing you to choose which rooms to heat and which to cool at any given time rather than one thermostat controlling the entire system at one temperature. The number of zones will depend on the size of your property and how customizable you want the temperatures to be! You might have one upstairs zone and 1 downstairs, or you might want each bedroom and the lounge area to have their own thermostats. Talk to a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville for advice about how to set up your zones.

2 - Increased Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above, one reason why you might consider zoning for your HVAC system is if there are areas of your home that are not in use regularly. This might be a basement, spare room, or your kid’s bedroom while they are off living on campus for college. Zoning will allow you to control the temperature in those rooms allowing you to cut down on energy use since you are not heating or cooling rooms you are not using. Zoning can help you to save as much as 30% on your utility costs!

3 - Increase the Life of Your HVAC System

Did you know, that since each zone has its own thermostat, your HVAC system is not going to have to work as hard to maintain a steady temperature throughout the whole house? This is going to reduce the amount of stress on your unit which will ultimately help to extend the life span of your HVAC system, assuming you keep up with your regular maintenance with the help of a heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville.

4 - Added Convenience

If you are installing zoning, talk to your heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville about smart thermometers. Modern zoned HVAC systems can be operated remotely via an app on your smartphone allowing you to adjust the temperature before you get home from work - or even letting you turn up the heat during a cold night without even having to leave the comfort of your bed!

5 - Easy Installation

Zoning is relatively easy to install. Creating a zoned system can even be done in a single day, although more complex systems may take longer. You can either have a ductless installation with separate systems in each room, or you can use dampeners within traditional or existing ductwork to reduce or increase airflow in order to create your zones.

6 - Improved Indoor Air Quality

Another great reason to ask your heating and air conditioning company in Knoxville about zoning your HVAC system is that it can help to improve your indoor air quality. Since zoning can remove the need for ducts, there are fewer places for contaminants like pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold to accumulate. If anyone in your household suffers from asthma, allergies, or respiratory issues then this is an excellent option for you.


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