Other Ways to Beat the Heat

Other Ways to Beat the Heat

Mother Nature does what she wants. There’s no asking her to temper the sweat-inducing temperatures during the summer months. She’s not going to click down the sun’s power a couple of notches for your comfort. Now that we have an understanding of the weather, we have to get creative and think of ways we can keep cool and comfortable. HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling doesn’t just install and service AC units… we also want to give you some ideas on how you can maintain your cool this summer.

Be Prepared

First thing’s first… start with the basics and take a look around at your place. Being proactive to identify areas of improvement in your home or business will help you with managing your comfort levels during the hottest days of the year. The first measure you can take is to see if you’re building is summer-ready. These tips can apply not to just large business buildings but also to your home. Ask HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling if you have any questions on these recommendations -

  • Conduct a building walkthrough. Take a look around to identify deficiencies you can easily address and fix.
    • Look for things that aren’t being used that you can turn off or unplug.
    • If you own a business, make sure employees aren’t running space heaters because the building’s temperature is too cold. Adjust your settings so no one feels too chilled to warrant a space heater.
    • Look at your lights. Are they energy efficient? Or are they creating unnecessary heat?
    • Check all windows and doors. They’re a surefire way to allow leaking cold air to seep out.
  • Maintain your equipment. Check with HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling to make sure all systems flawlessly operate. This can save you in the long run with poorly working or broken equipment.

By taking a look around your home or business, you can identify easy-to-address needs that ultimately lighten the load on your wallet.

Enhancing Your AC

There’s more you can do within your place to make sure you keep as comfortable as possible this summer. If you follow HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling’s tips you can keep a cooler, happier home.

  • Want to feel handy and productive? Take advantage of evaporative cooling and make a swamp cooler. If you want to try and keep your electric bill a little easier to digest, and you’re craving a summer project, consider making a swamp cooler to accentuate your AC and maybe keep certain spaces you’re in cooler. Not crafty or interested in projects, talk to HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling about zoning and you can control your individual rooms better… ultimately saving you money.
  • If the weather looks like the night may actually cool off and you’re craving fresh air, take advantage of using window fans by placing them so the air is sucked out of the house (use them as an exhaust fan). To enhance this, if you have a ceiling fan, run it counter-clockwise to best circulate the air.
  • Break up with your oven during the hottest time of the year. By running your oven, you’re simply challenging your AC system to run harder and consume more energy. Consider eating fresh, cool foods or even find an excuse to get outside and fire up the grill.
  • Use windows to your advantage. By drawing curtains closed in the morning, you avoid unnecessary heat from the sunbeams pouring in and bringing warm temperatures with them. Also remember that if your AC is on, keep the windows shut. You’re creating an exit route for your expensive air by keeping windows cracked.

What if You’re Stuck Outdoors?

HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling knows everyone looks to escape the stuffy indoors to enjoy the long days of summer. With a few preparations, you can take some actions to keep yourself comfortable even when basking in nature’s fresh air.

  • Hydrate! Keep the fluids flowing and don’t lose track of when you sipped your last drink. To step up your hydration game, introduce some sports drinks for added electrolytes lost while sweating.
  • Dress accordingly. Pick light-colored and lightweight clothing to spend time outside. Keep your beloved long-sleeved black shirt in the closet just for a couple of months. Also consider a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face from the sun’s rays.
  • Take breaks and find shade. If you’re working outdoors, plan to start early. As the day progresses, plan breaks out of the sun and find a shady spot to take a rest.

By following some measures throughout the day when you’re stuck in the sun, you can minimize the discomfort of a blazing hot day.

HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling wants you to keep your cool this summer! With a little thoughtful planning, your indoor space promises to stay cool and comfy. And, your time outdoors won’t land you in a world of uncomfortable misery.


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