Now is the Perfect Time to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Now is the Perfect Time to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

There are many great things to enjoy about Fall, but this time of year also comes with a lot of extra household maintenance. With so much to take care of, you might not even be thinking about your air ducts. However, for indoor air quality, it is crucial to ensure your ducts are clean. We will all be spending a little more time indoors as the weather cools off, so it is worth ensuring the air we breathe is as fresh and clean as possible. Here are a few reasons to talk to an HVAC company in Knoxville about professional duct cleaning.

Improve Your Air Quality

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend roughly 90% of their time indoors. This is a crucial statistic when discussing indoor air quality, as it has been found that many pollutants are found at levels 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors! That information alone should have you reaching for the phone to call an HVAC company in Knoxville to ask about duct cleaning!

Enjoy Greater Energy Efficiency & Savings

When your air ducts are not clean, you may find that your HVAC system has to work much harder. Over time, this can shorten the life span of your system as the components will burn out faster. Even with regular changing of the filters, the system will still get dirty throughout the day. When the system is clean, it works more efficiently to heat or cool your home, which means less energy is used. Less energy means a smaller utility bill. It’s a win-win situation, so make sure to call an HVAC company in Knoxville to book your duct cleaning appointment.

Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Spring is not the only time of the year you need to be concerned about allergies. Fall is also a rough time for allergy sufferers thanks to contaminants such as ragweed, dust mites, and mold. All these potential allergens and irritants can travel through your air ducts and circulate in the air throughout your home. Professional air duct cleaning by an HVAC company in Knoxville will help to remove these contaminants and help to ease your allergy symptoms.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Ducts?

If you are still not entirely convinced that you need an HVAC company in Knoxville to come out and clean your ducts. Dirty air ducts can have a significant impact on you and your family's health.When the air you breathe is not exactly clean, you may suffer from several symptoms.

Some of the most common include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • More Flare-ups of Respiratory Illnesses
  • Itchy Eyes, Nose & Throat

Aside from the health implications, there are various other undesirable outcomes if you fail to clean your ducts. Some of the signs of dirty air ducts, according to the EPA, are:

  • Mold growing inside the air ducts
  • Infestations of pests
  • Filters and ducts clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris

How Are Ducts Cleaned?

If you have decided that now might be a good time to hire an HVAC company in Knoxville to clean your ducts, you may be wondering what that process looks like! At GENT Heating and Cooling, we use the Rotobrush BrushBeastTM system. This represents the latest in duct cleaning technology. It has four powerful vacuum motors giving it a 90% power boost compared with previous models. With a total of 52 feet of hose length, this duct cleaner is designed to tackle even the heaviest build of dust and debris in your ductwork. You can see the Rotobrush BrushBeastTM in action in this video

If you are considering having your ducts professionally cleaned by an HVAC company in Knoxville, give GENT Heating and Cooling a call. We are happy to tell you more about the service and how it can help to improve the indoor air quality in your home.


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