Keeping Cool and Zoning Your AC

Keeping Cool and Zoning Your AC

You’re set to go this summer. You have your temperature set and you’re ready to glide through the hottest days nice and cool. What if you’re in your living room catching up on your favorite binge-worthy show and you hear your son from the upstairs yelling down, ‘it’s hot up here! Can we please turn down the thermostat?!’ If you have warmer and cooler spots in your home, you likely don’t have your house zoned. HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, can settle the discord in your home and zone it for you.

What Does it Mean To Zone?

Think about a diagram of your home and notice all of the separate rooms. If you have an upstairs, downstairs, or spacious rooms, think about how they are all separate. Zoning delivers heat or AC in a segmented way... pumping controlled air into zones in order to keep all of your rooms evenly temperature controlled.

How Does Zoning Work?

Oftentimes a home boasts one air conditioning unit and one thermostat. Ideally, all of the air in this setup will sufficiently cool each part of your house. If you decide to split up those rooms, thermostats and zone dampers are placed in different parts of your house. With zoning, there isn’t just one thermostat reading the air’s temperature. The dampers are adjusted so the air pushes out at various amounts to keep each zone achieving the perfect temperature

If you think your rooms are uneven with your heating and cooling, give HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, a call. We can come and assess your needs and recommend zoning if it adds value to your comfort. Zones can even be added to existing systems.

Is Zoning Right for You?

Though most could benefit from zoning, there are some circumstances that would make your place a perfect candidate to pursue it. Give HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, a call and we can review your potential need. Some considerations to make include –

  • A multi-level property - Sprawling footprints call for long spaces to keep even.
  • Rooms that boast large windows - Surely those rooms heat up like a greenhouse and hold that roasting temperature longer than other rooms.
  • Rooms with large, open areas -Think of a foyer or cathedral ceilings. There’s much space to fill and keep a comfort level.
  • Finished basements - Remember, cold air sinks! Your basement could be an icebox without zoning.
  • Spaces where you may spend most of your day - Are you working from home and crammed into an end corner of your house and you can’t keep comfortable?
  • Vacant room It may be where your mother-in-law stays once every six months. Otherwise, that room sits empty but is being heated and cooled needlessly.

HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, can look at all of your room types and determine how beneficial zoning may be for you

Benefits of Zoning

If you think you fit the considerations for zoning your place, call HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling, and we’ll work with you. Choosing to zone presents many benefits -

  • Energy savings - Right now, we need all the financial relief we can get. Energy costs have recently been skyrocketing and everyone’s wallets are tightening. With zoning, you’ll be able to control your temperature room by room. This way there won’t be any wasteful cooling in a room you’re not even using.
  • Individualized control throughout the home - On top of cost savings, you’ll have better control of the temperatures in your home. Instead of dropping the temp on your home’s single thermostat for your tiny office downstairs, you’ll be able to control just the area you want to work in and avoid cooling unnecessary parts of your home.
  • Improved air quality. Since zoning incorporates dampers to separate and deliver the air, you won’t be inhaling the extra circulating dust and dander occupying other rooms in the house. All those particles that may escape the filters won’t float around your other rooms that you’ve zoned off.

When walking through your home or business, stop in each room and think about the temperature variants from the last. Also take a look at the layout and room size. If you notice you’re traveling in a place that holds warm and cool pockets and you’re never quite comfortable, considering zoning might be a good option for you. If you have any questions on how it works or if you’d truly benefit, you can talk to call HVAC Knoxville Company, Gent Heating & Cooling and we can come out and take stock of your situation. Once deciding on zoning and it’s installed, you’ll be able to notice even temps everywhere and any thermostat wars you’ve long suffered will be resolved.


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