Is Your Heating System Ready for Fall?

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It might be hot right now, but the onset of the Fall season isn’t too far away and that means the air is going to get cooler. Several people love the Fall season. However, it also means that Winter is just around the corner. Imagine you are feeling the chills on the first cold morning of the season and your HVAC system fails to provide you the heat and warmth you need. In order to get the heat when you need it the most, it is crucial to ensure that your heating system is functioning at its best. Preparing the heating system for cold weather means that you will always have heat when you need it. Are you worried about your heating system breaking down suddenly on a cold morning? Getting your heating system checked by a professional HVAC Knoxville company will ensure that your heating system will function seamlessly through the Fall and Winter seasons.

Here are some useful tips and tricks from a top HVAC Knoxville specialist to prepare your heating system before the weather turns cold. Following these small steps would make you feel comfortable and cozy at home. In addition, it could also help to lower your monthly electricity bill.

Getting the Old Filter Replaced

In order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system, it is essential to get those old air filters replaced with new ones. Air filters need to be changed once every three months, i.e. four times a year with the change in every season (Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter). A dirty air filter causes the HVAC system to work harder, which leads to serious problems in the long run, and complete breakdowns as well. This is also one of the causes of your inflated electricity bills. Remember, hiring an HVAC Knoxville company would cost less compared to replacing a heating system.

Don’t ignore the Ductwork

Ducts act as a passage for heating and cooling that happens in your home. When the ducts are not properly sealed or prepared for Fall, you can end up losing nearly 20 percent of the heat that flows through the ductwork. Hence, it is important to get your ductwork inspected and adequately prepared for the cold climate. A proper inspection and sealing of the ductwork by a reliable and experienced HVAC Knoxville professional can help you save nearly $120 a year on the energy bill. It is also a good idea to see if your ducts need to be cleaned out as well to help keep your HVAC functioning properly.

Cleaning the Heating Vents

Blockage of the heating vent in your home may result in overheating of the furnace because of excessive working of the heating system. Overheating of the furnace can cause fire hazards in your home. Blocked heating vents prevent warm air from properly circulating inside your home. Unblocking the heating vents will help to keep your home warm and cozy by dispersing warm air evenly.

Testing the Heating System

It is important to test your heating system before it starts getting cold. All you need to do is turn it on and see that it blows warm air. When you start it for the first time, it may take some time since it has been idle for several months. If the heating system fails to turn on or does not blow air, it is best to take help from a professional HVAC Knoxville technician immediately to get it checked and repaired before the weather starts getting really cold.

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

Even if you think your HVAC system is working properly, it makes sense to get it inspected and cleaned at least once a year by an expert and skilled HVAC Knoxville technician so that you are prepared for fall and winter. Preventative maintenance will also help catch problems before they get too large and can save you money in the long run.


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