HVAC - Best Practices for Your AC

HVAC - Best Practices for Your AC

It’s easy to take your cooling system for granted. After all, as soon as those hot and muggy days crept in, you likely just flipped a switch or pushed a button on your thermostat to keep your space’s temperature regulated. There’s no thought put into why and how your system works like a dog over the summer keeping you sweat-free. With a little forethought and some effort, you can take steps to implement best practices if you have an HVAC unit in Knoxville. To keep you cool and refreshed over the summer months, you just need to contribute a minimal effort.

Common Mistakes

One of the best ways to ensure your AC runs without any problems is to acknowledge that mistakes are made, and avoiding these mistakes will save you in the long run. Can you consider yourself a culprit of these missteps? It’s never too late to change your habits if you just realize what needs to be addressed -

  • You’re not servicing your system each year. Preventative maintenance saves you big in the long run. By working with an HVAC Knoxville company, you’ll save yourself costly repairs by addressing issues before they happen. If you’re handy, you might be able to accomplish some simple maintenance tasks yourself.
  • You haven’t installed a programmable thermostat. If you’re working all day, fido surely can deal with a few degrees warmer in the house so you can save some money. Implementing a programmable thermostat, it’ll do the work for you, and remember when you’re set to be out of the house so the temperature can bump up a couple of degrees and save you hundreds (while relieving some burden on the energy grid).
  • You set your temps too low. Everyone wants to comfortably relax in their home or business at a reasonable temperature. If you talk to any HVAC Knoxville company, they’ll tell you that super-low temps aren’t necessary. Humans adapt pretty well and you’ll save yourself 3% in energy costs for every degree you bump up; that thermostat and the environment will thank you. If you gradually raise the temp over time, your body will acclimate and you’d never realize you are relaxing in a warmer house than you started.
  • You forgot that fans are friends! Supplement your space with strategically-placed fans. Allowing ceiling fans to circulate your cooled air will relieve some burden on your AC system. Set your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise in the summer for the most benefit.
  • Your thermostat is positioned poorly. If you’re not sure where they’d optimally go, talk with an HVAC Knoxville company to determine the best placement. Allowing your thermostat to sit in a position that soaks in the sun, will read the environment incorrectly. All of a sudden you may be freezing in the back of the room simply because your system thinks it’s sweltering hot due to direct sunlight on the thermostat.
  • Your vents are blocked. Inspect your room and take note… do you have furniture blocking your vents? If so, you’re burdening your system to push out more air than necessary. Reaping the benefits of cool air flow won’t work if a couch is sitting directly in front of a vent.
  • You’re cooling rooms you don’t need to. If your house boasts several rooms that rarely or never experience use, closing off the airflow in those spaces will save on energy and wasted cost. If your college kid moved off and that room sits empty, there’s no need to cool that space unless your kiddo comes for a weekend visit.

Temperatures aren’t trending down anytime soon. People who have HVAC in Knoxville or anywhere else… we all hear it and we see it broadcast over various media outlets, the world is getting warmer and we should be prepared to hang on for the ride. While doing so, remember to consider what you can do to contribute to the efficiency and implement the above suggestions.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

In addition to an optimal setup, there are things you can do to keep your system running flawlessly throughout the summer. Maintenance is crucial for avoiding any unnecessary breakdowns or issues. If you need help with an HVAC Knoxville company, Gent Heating & Cooling can come to advise on what needs to be done. But, there are some things you can proactively address for peace of mind with your system. By performing these actions, your system will run more efficiently and last longer if you keep up on just a few things -

  • Remove dirt and debris away from your outdoor unit.
  • Inspect the system for holes and leaks. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, check with an HVAC Knoxville company to assist.
  • Take a look at the fan blades for wear and tear.
  • Clean / replace filters.
  • When you start up your system, pay attention to any potential odors.
  • Listen for unusual sounds when you start up your system.
  • Keep plant life at least 18” away from the outside unit.

By putting yourself in control and working with an HVAC Knoxville company, you’ll be able to save on cost, energy, and headaches down the road. By implementing some best practices with your AC setup, you’ll save on energy, money, and unnecessary repairs.


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