How does Air Purification Work?

How does Air Purification Work?

Now that we’re approaching the dog days of summer, we’re going to be spending much of our time indoors. While hiding in the coolness of the indoors and sipping on our frosty lemonade, we may want to think about what exactly circulates around us. This may lead you to think about Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville. Gent Heating & Cooling offers air purification solutions you can implement to keep your lungs clear and healthy. But, what exactly is an air purification system and what does it do?

What Is An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are used to clean the air. There are a few ways this is done including filters and advanced technologies such as ionization and UV light. Allergens, dust, bacteria, and toxins are removed from the air when an air purifier is used.

When thinking about Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville, it’s good to know and understand the different types of air purifiers. Some solutions incorporate a fan and filters to trap particulates while they circulate. Other systems neutralize the air without using any filters. And yet others destroy microbes and pathogens rendering the air harmless.

Different Types of Air Purifiers

As with any other product out there, the options are seemingly endless. If you want to talk in detail about Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville, give Gent Heating & Cooling a call to see how we can help. We have solutions with different variations of these types

  • HEPA Filter. Solid particles are trapped by way of filters in systems that use HEPA filtration.
  • Activated carbon filter. Odor-producing molecules are trapped in the filters. This is the only type of filter that can trap chemical vapors.
  • Ionizer. Systems that ionize the air utilize an electrical charge to clean the air.
  • UV light. Non-lethal/harmless radiation kills bacteria and viruses when circulating through the system.

What will I notice if I Use an Air Purifier?

After deciding on Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville and selecting a system, you may start to notice some benefits… especially if you have asthma or lung issues. In general, air pollutants will be removed. You might find yourself sleeping better (maybe both you and your spouse won’t jar each other awake from the deep rumbling of each other’s snoring.) So, what are some benefits you might experience?

  • Children and the elderly will find relief from respiratory health issues. These two populations tend to be more vulnerable and run the risk of more serious health issues… especially if there is already an underlying condition.
  • Reduced stress. Beyond having peace of mind that you’re keeping your air clean, air purifiers actually affect your cortisol levels and this will positively impact your stress levels.
  • Help remove second-hand smoke. This one’s especially important if young lungs are inhabiting the home. It’s crucial to filter out as much smoke as possible around when people hang out.
  • Reduce allergetic responses. Cleaner air means less allergens creeping up your nose. Minimizing your cat’s dander plus fewer pollen particles floating around will add up to relief on your allergies.

What Air Purifiers Won’t Do

Since air purifiers work well at removing particulates from the air, it’s important to know that they will NOT remove irritants, etc. that are embedded in fabrics or other surfaces in your home or business. Even if you take action on your Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville, there are other culprits you might want to consider that won’t be addressed with purification.

  • Dust that’s already stuck in surfaces such as furniture. Think about your couch and what’s likely residing in all that fabric.
  • Odors that keep creeping out from a particular source
  • Allergens that are trekked inside thanks to your pets or adventurous kids
  • Mold that may be growing somewhere in your home or business
  • Viruses or bacteria that people might actively be spreading

Some of Gent Heating and Cooling’s Options

When considering Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville, you’ll notice that there are so many choices when it comes to air purification. Gent Heating & Cooling can talk to you about the best fit for your home or business. We have advanced technology and solutions that can be installed in your place and you wouldn’t even notice their presence. Our solutions include

  • The Reme HALO-LED in-duct air purifier. This system removes odors and air pollutants to relieve sick building syndrome.
  • The i-Wave-R which is a no maintenance, self-cleaning system used in homes and businesses. Ionization technology removes air pollutants and leaves your space free and clear of irritants.

Our daily lives keep us running ragged as we hop from one responsibility to the next. When it’s time to settle down after a long day, thinking about Indoor Air Purification in Knoxville may not necessarily top your list. But if you take a moment to consider air purification, you will realize the vast list of benefits purification provides.

By giving Gent Heating & Cooling a call, we can minimize your pain and take you through your options. Once we put a solution in place, it’ll run effortlessly in the background so you can get up each day ready to run your endless errands and return home to breathe easy.


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