Heating Mistakes That Could Be Costing You Money

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With Winter upon us, we are all using our heating more often, but in this economy, most of us are also keeping a close eye on our finances. That means finding ways to cut down on energy costs. However, nobody wants to be cold, and heating accounts for a large portion of our energy bills, so it is best to find ways to reduce your costs wherever possible. You may already have started to look for tips and tricks online. However, the internet can lead you down a rabbit hole of misinformation. If you are going to take advice on reducing your heating bill, it should come from a respected heating company in Knoxville, not a random person on the internet! With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, GENT Heating and Cooling know a thing or two about heating!

Let’s look at a few common heating mistakes that could actually be increasing your energy bills instead of reducing them!

1 - Cranking The Thermostat Up

As a heating company in Knoxville, we try to help our customers understand that there is no shortcut when it comes to heating your home. Some people are under the impression that turning the thermostat up high is going to make the house warm up much faster. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, what you are doing is forcing your heater to work harder, ultimately using more energy and increasing your costs. Set a steady temperature and let it build gradually. If you need some extra heat while you wait, grab an extra sweater or a blanket to keep you cozy.

2 - Heat Is Escaping Through Gaps

Nothing is worse than spending money to heat your home only for the cold air to find its way inside through gaps and cracks in your doors and windows! These drafts start to cool the room down, and the heating has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. If you want to stop cold air from sneaking in, then you need to install draft stoppers or weatherstripping to seal up the gaps.

3 - Are You Relying On Additional Heat Sources?

If you are using additional heat sources like space heaters or a fireplace, it is important only to use them to supplement your regular heating. These are more expensive to run, so they should not be the heat source you rely on to heat your home. Instead, they should be used to offer an additional burst of heat on the coldest days. If you find that your HVAC is not heating your home sufficiently, call a heating company in Knoxville to make sure everything is working as it should be to heat your home.

4 - Closing Doors And/Or Vents

After seeing the earlier point about sealing any gaps, you may think about taking it a step further by closing off doors and vents in rooms that are not frequently used, like a spare bedroom or basement. However, this doesn’t actually save money on your heating bills. It actually puts extra pressure on the HVAC system and obstructs airflow around your home. It is better to leave them open to avoid overworking the system.

5 - Heating Your Home At The Wrong Time

Choosing when to heat your home can go a long way toward reducing your energy costs during the Winter months. It can be costly to have the heating running all day and all night; if you are not at home for part of the day, it is also wasteful. However, at the same time, it is more expensive to heat your home from cold after completely turning off the heating. The best option is to use a programmable thermostat to run a lower temperature while the house is empty or while you are sleeping. You can time the thermostat to turn the heat up just before you are due to come home, so the house is comfortably cozy for your arrival. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, talk with a heating company in Knoxville to install one.

In addition to making sure you are not making these common mistakes, it can be worth booking a service call with a heating company in Knoxville to make sure that your HVAC system is working efficiently. Regular maintenance is a great way to ensure your HVAC is in good working order, which can help keep it energy efficient.


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