Getting Your AC Ready for The Fall

Getting Your AC Ready for The Fall

Unless you're an avid summer-lover and dream of endless Florida hot days and sweltering summer nights, you might dream of Fall. Though the worst of the sticky, blazing days are starting to appear in the rearview mirror, it's probably not quite time to turn off that AC quite yet.

If you ask any HVAC Knoxville company, you'll see that they're still running in high gear. They're out there servicing central air systems and working to assure that residents don't face sitting in a house that's still harboring temperatures in the 80s while their unit gets serviced.

As school starts kicking into high gear and you're schedule fills to the brim with activities, it's a great time to prepare your AC for the Fall.

It's Still Hot, But There's Hope

It's the time of year when your electric bill may start taking a sigh of relief. Operating central AC takes a toll on a household budget, and keeping your home cool comes at a cost. Expect your cooling system to account for 12% of your annual electric cost. Luckily, approaching the time when leaves transition from solid green to a buffet of assorted colors, operating your HVAC Knoxville AC unit will let your wallet breathe a bit.

Mother Nature doesn't present a switch to all of us for when summer moves to fall. It's not a lightbulb moment when you suddenly know to turn off the air conditioning. Knoxville weather in September does start to peter off to more comfortable temperatures. While HVAC Knoxville systems are still demanded to cool off our homes and businesses, the transition to fall will lighten the burden a bit.

What You Can Do

With temperatures and electric usage slowly dropping, preparing your HVAC Knoxville system for the Fall can help optimize efficiency and maintenance. With the impending cooler weather and shorter days, it's the perfect time to review and take action on a fall preparation checklist.

  • Check and replace air filters. If you didn't remember this past summer, now's the time to switch out that filter. This is the number one thing all AC owners should be doing. Clogged filters bog down the system and ultimately increase energy costs. Take advantage of smartphones and technology. If you're a forgetful person, set a monthly reminder to take a quick peek at your filter.
  • Clear the debris. This one might be worth doing throughout the Fall, especially if you have any leaves poising to drop off the surrounding trees for the winter. Keep at least 24" of space around your HVAC Knoxville AC unit outside to avoid problems. Even squirting off dirt and debris will help efficiency, allowing the fans to run without caked-on dirt or debris.
  • Clean the registers inside. Regarding debris, take inventory of all the registers that allow cool air to circulate within your home or business. Ensure no dust or other materials block those vents to ensure a complete free-flowing system.
  • Incorporate fans. Now that temperatures will be dropping steadily, you can assist your comfort by placing fans in the rooms you occupy or turning on the ceiling fans you have. Let your HVAC Knoxville system take a break and park yourself by a fan for comfort. Doing this can also help alleviate the pain of a high electric bill.
  • Listen to your system. Keep an ear out for unusual sounds like knocking or anything you haven't heard earlier in the year. Loose bolts or debris may be causing your central AC to create unusual sounds and force operations to be less than efficient.

When to Call a Professional

Taking the initiative with your central air and implementing proactive measures will save you in the long run in many ways. Adding a professional check-up can complete your checklist. For some, like those under warranty, this serves as a must.

An HVAC Knoxville pro can dive deeper into the system and make appropriate recommendations if any are needed. Calling in the Fall and spring works best for preventative maintenance, so you're not competing with frantic owners who must combat a broken system during the worst time of the year.

Cooler, crisper days await us as we step into Fall. All of the HVAC Knoxville air conditioning units will receive respite in the coming months. Before you switch the thermostat entirely from cool to warm, take the time to ensure everything is in tip-top shape with your air conditioning. Doing this will give you peace of mind, and rest assured that you're best prepared for home or business cooling next summer.


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