Exploring the Benefits of AC

Exploring the Benefits of AC

Rewinding just a half-century reveals an interesting fact – few people ran central air conditioning. This modern-day technology has exploded in use since the 1970s. Even now you’ll find places not cooled by a central air system. Without a setup to cool and refresh an indoor space, people try little tips and tricks (like fans, keeping curtains drawn, and making water their best friend). But, there’s no competition in the battle of which is better, running central air or finding ways to muster the strength to survive the heat. People running HVAC in Knoxville, and all over the US rarely complain about having AC… unless it breaks.

General Health Benefits

Obviously people have ‘toughed it out’ for a very long time, living without central air. Though not always pleasant, beating the heat without a cool breeze flowing over you through an HVAC Knoxville system has been possible. But, it doesn’t come without health risks.

Enduring the heat may cause more than mere misery, it can affect your health. So, though it’s great to be comfy in your home with central air conditioning, it’s also helping your health. If you’re thinking you may need a full central system or even need an upgrade from one that doesn’t optimally operate, there are several health benefits to living in a controlled cooled space -

  • Help respiratory conditions. In Tennessee, 10.3% of the population suffers from asthma, a very known (and permanent) respiratory condition. Sufferers from asthma, as well as a plethora of other respiratory conditions, can find respite by breathing easier in an air conditioned space especially when you see warnings for air quality for the day. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating & Cooling), wants you to keep your health as a top priority.
  • Consistent temperatures benefit your health. If your body constantly battles warming up, cooling off, and enduring wide temperature swings, the immune system can take a hit. Spending time in evenly-cooled areas can keep your body leveled-out and able to ward off infections better. By staying even with temps where you spend your time, your body won’t be battling to adjust to wild temperature shifts.
  • Removal of smells, fumes, and stale air. In addition to simply being gross and unpleasant, odors and smells can indicate you’re not in the best-ventilated situation for your lungs. Installing HVAC in Knoxville will assure that the fumes and odors are filtered through your system and you’re inhaling fresh, breathable air.
  • Humidity impacts health. Not only do the temperatures play a role in your health, but so does the humidity. Think about when the weatherman talks about the forecast and oppressive humidity for the next day and how that means you’ll be walking to your car in a soupy, humid mess. Even when the levels bottom out, you can feel repercussions to it – like dry skin and irritated sinuses. By spending time in a centrally-cooled space, you can relax in the optimal humidity level.
  • Improved sleep. During the day you may gage your comfort level but you may not notice it at night. Sleeping in a climate-controlled space presents many benefits to your health. Believe it or not, studies have been conducted to find the optimal sleep temperature, known as the ‘thermoneutrality zone’. If you can hit that sweet spot with the temperature, as well as other factors mentioned in the link above, your body will thank you with better overall health.

Considerations Before a New Install

Just from 1993, where 68% of the population used some form of cooling, to present day where 87% boast cooling systems, there’s no doubt that these systems are in demand. If you’re currently surviving this summer with desperate old school methods like a fan, merely using window units, or are considering an upgrade to your HVAC in Knoxville, there are many factors to take into consideration.

  • Who should you hire to install? This question might top your list. In order to run a complicated setup like a full AC system, you’ll need an HVAC Knoxville company. Call around to a few places (don’t forget to check with Gent Heating & Cooling) and hire experts you’ll trust with your installation and maintenance for years to come. This is an important consideration since you’ll not only be dealing with the HVAC Knoxville company for the initial install but they’ll be the ones coming out to service and troubleshoot the system should the need arise.
  • Consider the cost. When considering a full new unit, remember that many factors come into play. Your current home or business setup to accommodate central air, existing insulation, and even current climate can all come into play. The size and efficiency of equipment paired with the ultimate cost need to be on your list.
  • Lifespan of system. When consulting with your HVAC Knoxville installer, make sure to ask about the warranty and estimated lifespan of the new system. Typically, central air warranties last for 10 years. And if maintained properly, you may run the same system for 15 years.

It’s probably not hard to talk you into why you’d want to run central air conditioning. The comfort factor alone speaks for itself. If you pair in all of the health benefits, you should be convinced that it’s a no-brainer when it comes to setting up or running an HVAC Knoxville system.


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