Ductwork is Ductwork… It’s All the Same, Right?

Ductwork is Ductwork… It’s All the Same, Right?

It’s easy to take advantage of comfort in your home or business as the warm or cool air freely flows throughout the space. Getting a little warm doing housework in the summer? Bump down that thermostat! Did you forget to dry your favorite blanket in the wash before streaming a movie? Tick up the temperature a couple of degrees. All of the air being delivered happens without you thinking. Hopefully, you survived your spring-cleaning efforts and cleaning out the ducts was on your list. If not, contact HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling and we’ll come out to clear out those ducts.

The seemingly effortless delivery of air is more complicated than you may think. Whether HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling installed your HVAC system or another company, there was a rhyme and reason to what ducts were installed and why.

What Exactly are Ducts?

Growing up, did you think Duct Tape was “Duck Tape”? Rarely do kids think about the true purpose for that sticky silver tape. Plus, when you look at the label now, you may find a yellow duck hanging out on the packaging with a brand that modified its name to include that duck. This tape’s original use was for sealing heating and cooling ducts.

Nowadays it’s a versatile adhesive product used for many purposes. But getting back to the roots… duct tape had been used to seal up drafts, etc. in ductwork. The tacky tape was constructed with ducts in mind… to permanently stick with a specific cloth/scrim backing and keep everything flowing without air leakage. So, what is ductwork then?

Ductwork is a delivery system of air in your business or home. When HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling comes out to service your HVAC system and clean the ducts, we’re in the unseen parts of your property working on those pipes. Simply put, the ductwork consists of pipes and tubing that delivers the warm or cool air throughout your home or business. Air is sucked into the heating or cooling system, it’s then heated or cooled, then it’s delivered back through the place via these pipes and come out the vents throughout the building.

Various Varieties of Ducts

Just like no home or business consists of the same size, layout, or even style… ductwork comes in a wide range of configurations. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling are experts when it comes to all of the options available. Just to give you an idea on how complicated duct selection can be, take a look at this list of just a few different types –

  • Sheet metal (the most common type… it can include galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Fiberboard (can add insulating value)
  • Flex duct (made of more flexible material)

On top of materials, you also have a bunch of different shapes to snake around the insides of your building. Hidden behind the walls you will discover different configurations twisting around –

  • Round (an efficient shape that lets air flow better than rectangular)
  • Rectangular (often fit better within building construction)
  • Oval (with a flatter shape but round efficiency)

Now that you have some info on types of ductwork, what about how it’s selected to best fit where it’s being installed. This becomes a bit of a science and calculation effort. Flow and friction loss top the list of considerations when selecting types and sizes of ducts. Afterall, there are options from just a few inches in diameter to a foot or two. The finesse of airflow needs to be calculated when HVAC systems are involved. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling knows how to calculate the perfect fit for your needs.

For all of the years following the initial installation, you’ll want to keep the selected products flowing cleanly and comfortably. When it’s time to clean the ducts out, give HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling a call to service your ductwork.

Ultimately, ducts are pipes or tubing in various shapes, sizes, and materials that deliver warm or cool air throughout your place. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling is the expert on all things duct-related and if you need them cleaned, Gent can help!


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