Controlling Your Comfort and GENTCare Comfort Club

Controlling Your Comfort and GENTCare Comfort Club

During the increasingly hotter and hotter days of the year, your comfort advances to the forefront. After spending a weekend laboring away in the yard or exploring the outdoors, you want to return to a cool and comfy space. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling knows how important home comfort is. Because of this, we stepped it up a notch. Not only do we recommend the ideal HVAC units for your needs, but we also provide an additional option to make your life easier GENTCare Comfort Club™.

Selecting the Right System for Your Ultimate Comfort

Selecting an AC unit is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Even keeping comfortable requires several considerations such as cost, efficiency, and value. Depending on your needs, various options match different customers’ needs best. When shopping for a new AC unit, your best bet is to give a call to an HVAC Knoxville company for some insight.

Key considerations to make when shopping for a unit that will keep you comfortable during warmer days –

  • Energy efficiency - Escaping the headlines from hearing about inflation and the insane costs of everyday life is impossible. Considering energy efficiency has come to the forefront over the past several years and now has become even more prevalent. Since all AC units undergo reviews and SEER ratings (the higher the number, the better), finding how much the unit expends should be easy. This could be a significant consideration when shopping for a new unit.
  • Sound of the system - Anyone who spent time outside of a house during a picnic or while performing yard work can tell you when the air conditioning is humming along and working to cool a house. Just like efficiency ratings, sound levels can be reviewed when shopping. If you’re occupying tight quarters around your home or live in an area where excessive sound causes problems, thinking about how loud a unit operates can make or break a choice.
  • Value - Don’t mistake value with the word, ‘cheap’. By weighing out the pros and cons, value can be decided. What’s worth it to you and at what cost?

After you’ve taken in all considerations or need advice on what’s available, consult your local HVAC Knoxville company. Places like Gent Heating and Cooling employ experts on the matter. After all, that’s what we do all day, every day.

GENTCare Comfort Club

Preventative maintenance saves headaches and frustration from unexpected AC breakdowns. HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling offers a maintenance agreement for customers. Since everyone’s lives run differently, our agreements range from a monthly to annual basis so you can find one to best fit your needs.

Signing up save’s money, offers peace of mind with preventative maintenance, and the program comes with a ton of benefits. Take a look at what our GENTCare Comfort Club™ can do for you...

  • HVAC tune-up twice a year - Keeping your system in shape will help avoid unforeseen disasters during the hottest days of the year.
  • Priority Scheduling - Of course, the sweltering days guarantee some systems will break and customers may panic. With this service, you can get on that schedule ASAP so you’re not stuck standing in front of the fridge trying to catch a break with freezer air.
  • Same day service - Even better than priority schedule, we’ll run out same-day should a disaster arise.
  • No overtime fees - Sometimes work takes longer than anticipated and systems don’t cooperate with a tight schedule. If we’re stuck working longer than expected, your wallet won’t be impacted.
  • 10% discount - Take off a bite from the bill when you need service. Not only with service, but you also save 10% on equipment.
  • Maintain your warranty If your unit carries a warranty, regular maintenance is required. Missing the requirement will void your warranty. Then when a disaster strikes, your pocket will bear the brunt of the cost.

Make sure that your GENTCare Comfort Club™ membership includes cooling and equipment. Doing so, HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling calibrates, inspects, and maintains the following (if needed) … plus much more –

  • Thermostat
  • Air filters
  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant charging
  • Capacitors

If you’re looking for more details on HVAC Knoxville company Gent Heating and Cooling’s GENTcare Comfort Club, give us a call!

Now that we’re fully in the swing of summertime, more and more people will be seeking out an AC unit to keep comfortable for the season. Whether it’s because the system simply broke after decades of use or if it’s time to upgrade to a more efficient unit, local HVAC Knoxville companies hold the history and knowledge to make the best recommendation to keep you comfortable this season.


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