Can Indoor Air Purification Alleviate Seasonal Allergies?

Can Indoor Air Purification Alleviate Seasonal Allergies?

Springtime is known for the beautiful blossoms of flowers. As you approach summertime, you may not be thinking about the lazy days of summer as much as you’re thinking about the hazy days of summer. Whether it’s the fresh pollen of flowers, or the smog sitting heavy during the hot summer days, you might be sniffing or sneezing with a scratchy throat. But wait, sometimes allergies aren’t the culprit, but spring and summer colds should be held accountable for the misery.

Whether you determine if it’s a cold or allergies, the result can be the same – finding a solution with air purification in Knoxville. Gent Heating and Cooling can be your expert guide for indoor air purification in Knoxville. Let’s look at solving the mystery of why you may not be feeling perfect.

How Can you Tell the Difference?

Often it’s hard to discern if pollutants/allergies or a virus is nagging at your respiratory system. There are some ways to determine what’s bothering you. Whether from the outside environment or an internal bug, Gent Heating and Cooling can be your expert guide for indoor air purification in Knoxville. We have indoor air purification options to help settle your lungs.

So how do I really know the difference? Check out the Mayo Clinic site for a handy chart to help you discern what you could be dealing with. Generally speaking -

  • If you go into another space and feel better, you may be dealing with a pollutant/allergen
  • If you’ve been suffering for months on end with no change in symptoms, it could be a pollutant/allergen
  • If you experience an elevated body temperature, you may need to blame a virus
  • Body aches and chills typically point to a virus

Judging from the comparisons, you should be capable of identifying what exactly you’re battling. In either scenario (hopefully not both at the same time), Gent Heating and Cooling can be your solution for indoor air purification in Knoxville.

What Can I Do to Alleviate Indoor Air Pollutants?

This is where Gent Heating and Cooling comes into play for your indoor air purification in Knoxville. We offer services and solutions to improve your indoor air purification in Knoxville. A couple of options we offer include the i-Wave-R model and the Reme HALO-LED system. These systems improve your indoor air quality. They can remove an array of airborne contaminants and pollution to help you breathe easier. Air purifying systems can remove pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, and viruses.

  • Reme HALO-LED in-duct system is a pioneer in air purification methods. This solution combats sick building syndrome. On top of removing pollutants, it also cleans out pet dander, mold spores, dust, etc. Beyond the contaminants, this system also scrubs out viruses and bacteria. So regardless if you’re facing a virus or allergies, this has you covered.
  • i-WAVE-R also removes contaminants, including mold, viruses, and bacteria. It purifies the air via ionization. The i-WAVE-R system performs its job without causing damage to the environment.

The longest days of the year have finally arrived, and there’s no groaning thinking the crack of dawn seems to be closer to lunchtime than morning. Nor is there reason to moan that it’s dark before you even jump in your car to drive home from work. No one wants to feel ill during the longest and most productive days of the year. If you’re looking into air purification in Knoxville, we will try to give you a boost in your health. You’ll be able to draw in a clean, deep breath at home, knowing that the air you’re taking in has been purified and cleaned.

Give Gent Heating and Cooling a quick call to see your options for air purification in Knoxville. After installing your system, you can take advantage of the endless summer days and breathe easy once you’re crashed in bed after each crazy summer day.


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