3 Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Need to work on improving indoor air quality? There are 3 main strategies you need to consider!

1 - Source Control

The most effective way to reduce indoor air pollution is to eliminate the sources of pollution, or at the very least minimize the emissions. For example, gas stoves can be adjusted to reduce emissions, and asbestos can be sealed off or removed!

2- Improved Ventilation

You can also improve indoor air quality with improved ventilation. Even if you have a great HVAC system, it cannot bring fresh air inside the home. When the weather allows it, opening doors and windows can increase ventilation.

3 - Air Cleaners

Air cleaners or purifiers can improve indoor air quality by removing particles from the air. These are available as separate table top devices, or can be built int your HVAC system to filter the air and make it cleaner for you to breathe.